Synchronize DOMContent, Console(logs) and Errors from remote browser.

It makes a web projection. You can use for remote demonstration or debugging mobile web app.

Inject the code to your website:


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Get Started
easy running jsinspector server yourself with few step.
Starting server
JSInspector server require node.js. After install node , running server with npm (node.js package manager).
Visit Home Page And Inject The Script
Inject the script (which has an inspector id) from home page to remote website, then visit inspector (your can get then link on your server home page).

Inject codes to client

use inject api , so you can inject the code from devtools console to client side. Tap the code in devtools website's console panel:

HTML sync

is the primary feature, all the html of client will be synchroized to remote server and can be view on inspector window (eg. http://yourhost/devtools?xxxx-xxxxx).

Console sync

support console: log, clear, error, info, warn, time and timeEnd, these console api will be synchroized and show in inspector's devtool-console panel.

It support every object to console.log, such as:

Exceptions sync

use `window.onerror`(window.addEventListener('error')) to catch global exceptions. Those error will be synchroized in inspector's `devtool-console panel`. use output format: `console.error(error, src + lineNumber)`